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*We offer you a *money back refund if you are not completely satisfied with your diamond.
This is our default...It is your satisfaction we are working for. We suggest you seek the services of a local gemologist, to verify the value and match the diamond to the certificate/lab report. We can ship the prefered methode, US Registered Insured Mail. US Mail is much more cost effective, FEDEX and insurance is based on the shipped amount. We suggest a 7 day approval period, to have the diamond evaluated, but if you need a bit more time just let me know. Once we have confirmed your dream diamond is ready to ship innitiate the wire transfer. Soon we'll have our secure server up too, but for now if you choose to use a credit card please call 1-800 224-8086... Enjoy our "No BS, Lower Prices, Higher Quality, Volume Sales, Fractional Markup Web Site!"
Oh yeah, about that Customer Satisfaction thing???
We love our vendors, but we check every single diamond carefully, just as you would have it if you had a choice, and we do not ship what we do not like. "We make sure your diamond is perfect, and you are extremely pleased!" We care enough to be your "eyes". If you ever wanted to effectively know the difference between us just hit this link! If you appreciate quality, value and common sense you'll love this site. We also have a low price guarantee!

We won't charge you and added fee for using your MasterCard or Visa, so just remember that if others ask you to pay more, "why the heck do that anyway???" Actually, it violates their terms of service with merchant's service, and can cost them a heafty fine & loss of their account... We offer you "no salestax", "no added fees", "greater buying power & lower prices"... Internet users tend to be smarter than your average person, we just thought you should know :) There is no reason to pay more than you have to.
Diamond Returns?
All wire transfer, check and cash transactions refunds are 100%. We also offer Wire Transfer & Cash Diamond Customers a 2% Discount off the listed diamond's price on-line!!! We do this for diamonds, but not for mountings. The 2% is a wire price for the center diamond discount for cash. *If you choose to use a credit card to purchase your diamond refunds are less a 2.4% non-refundable processing fee, we do not profit from this policy what so ever.. This only offsets the fees to process. ...did I mention Oregon has no salestax?
We're working hard for you, to keep your prices down and your satisfaction at an all time high. We'll ship with a copy of the original certificate, and once approved we'll send the original to you promptly... Your satisfaction is upper-most in our minds, and you will find were are both flexible and effective as well. "Enjoy the difference!"

We offer you all the information it takes to totally be satisfied with your diamond purchase, we are not going to sell you, you will learn and select with our help. Dream big here grasshoppers, you can afford to... You'll find all the quality, and twice the value here every day. Your satisfaction is our default! :

Verify the Diamond, the Certificate & Value...
We suggest that you seek the services of a local "Independant Gemologist" for this unbiased and objective step, for a retail jeweler makes their money by selling product, not by being objective, and it's called "Sales".... In fact it's been pointed out that if you ask "I inherited this diamond, and I want one just like it to match" you will begin to understand the honest object valuation. Not a great idea going to the retail jeweler who just "lost the sale" to get an objective call, "yes?"

You will find local indepandant gemologists are great at matching the diamond to the certificate, but do not assume that they can either duplicate the gemological lab's conditions or the lab's consistant results, that a person passed a GIA home study course does not impress me much, but they can be expected to match successfully any diamond against any certificate, for that is a matter of measuring and checking lab report data... Don't confuse local subjective grading for a Laboratory Report, for it can really cost you "Big Time"...
Remember, "Knowledge is Power!"
Custom Jewelry Customers
How to send something here to us... Standard Stocked Web Cataloged Items
Celtic Bands and Patterned Wedding Bands
Special order work cost me great deal of time and materials to complete, so we want to take things in logically defined steps, like a wax approval stage, where the customer has actually seen the wax on the web, and given their approval to go to the next stage (metal)... By gaining this approval, and the authorization to proceed, we move to the next phase. Earnest money is required for everything past a basic estimate. I want you to be happy, so I make the effort. Some jobs are straight metal jobs, hand-built in the metal, those we'll move straight forward into the metal once the design has been agreed upon. If a special order job built to order is returned a restocking fee will be accessed. I can build anything you might want, just make sure that you want what you order please. Since I take the time to approve each step your satisfaction is better assured, and remember that Quality is the mission, not just fast... If we are not given the time to do things right, we will simply pass on the job... Period!

My Customer Referrals will give you the idea about what we do here, and there's hardly a more powerful page in my production than the current web work page, where special order is tracked for real people just like you... ... "Make dreams come true without the nightmare of retail prices!"... Order Info has it's own page :)