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    Diamond Customers
    Money back refund* if you are not completely satisfied with your diamond! The original certificate comes to you with the diamond purchased. We suggest a 7 day approval period is reasonable for most, if you need more time just let us know. Once we have confirmed your dream diamond is reserved initiate the wire transfer. E-mail us for that wire transfer information. To use a credit card please use the secure on line order form, or you can call 1-800 224-8086.
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    We ship diamonds via FEDEX or registered mail, unless otherwise requested... Once the diamond is selected we can help you make that dream ring come true, in platinum or gold. We have some wonderful examples of both our vendor's finest as well as our own custom special order, designed to please.
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    *Shipping charges are not refundable.

    Diamond Return?
    All wire transfer, check and cash transactions refunds are 100%, less shipping which is not refundable.. We also offer all Wire Transfer & Cash Diamond Customers a 2% Discount off the listed diamond's price on-line!!! We do this for diamonds, but not for mountings. The 2% is a way to pass along the decreased costs of processing your order.
    ...did I mention Oregon has no salestax?

    Oh yeah, about that Customer Satisfaction thing???
    We know you depend on us to help you "get it right". We love our vendors, and we do not ship what we do not like. "We make sure your diamond is perfect, and you are extremely pleased!" If you appreciate quality, value and common sense you'll love this site. We also have a low price guarantee!

    We offer you all the information it takes to totally be satisfied with your diamond purchase, we are not going to sell you, you will learn and select with our help. Dream big here grasshoppers, you can afford to... You'll find all the quality, and twice the value here every day. Your satisfaction is our default!

    Common Sense Tips?

    You will find local independent gemologists are great at matching the diamond to the certificate, but do not assume that they can either duplicate the gemological lab's conditions or the lab's consistent results, that a person passed a GIA home study course does not impress me much, but they can be expected to match successfully any diamond against any certificate, for that is a matter of measuring and checking lab report data... Don't confuse local subjective grading for a Laboratory Report, for it can really cost you "Big Time"...

    Remember, "Knowledge is Power!"

    Custom Jewelry Customers
    My policy is to begin the wax carving and start a project only when we have secured payment in full, and we have clear and concise instructions as to the requirements... My intent is to define a project and complete it to your specifications, if those specifications change we will bill (itemized) for the additional services and materials. Ball park estimates are free, We can build your dream for you afford ably, but we recognize the intellectual property of others. We make things one at a time here, to our customer's specifications, we really have no interest in producing such copyrighted items. When you send me "order confirmation" e-mail included finger sizes, specific instructions, and contact phone numbers to activate a project! We'll build what you want, just the way that you want it, and we guarantee our work for a year.

    Once the Wax is approved the project is ready to move into metal so there is no delay for the project. Once we have reached this stage I want the mission to build the project and make it perfect, so please take the next logical step at this time... If the style changes in midstream there will be a charge to cover that change, so when I give you an estimate it is for a specific project and receipt of your down payment verifies your authorization to proceed... I offer my customers a full one year guarantee on all items manufactured, and stand behind all the products we sell here. I have no interest in making "cheap jewelry cheap," but rather I offer the rather unique opportunity to enjoy the best of custom quality without the snotty attitude or high markups... Well, the high prices anyway... {Grin} Enjoy the savings, the creativity and the unlimited possibilities, but when a project is commissioned it is done as the original specifications require...

    Custom projects are nonreturnable, being built to agreed upon specifications, we will build a project only when the idea is well defined and the payment has been secured. I warranty all items to be free of defect and stand behind our work totally, we offer a year guarantee and build things to last. I'd rather just say "please order what you want, and I'll build it for you," and count on you to do just that. It makes sense to say "custom special order is the most expensive task by far that we perform here, labor and time cannot be re-melted and reused, it's gone forever"... We have a full money back guarantee on diamonds but I can't offer this for custom work, which we build uniquely to the customer's specifications.. I think you will agree that we build some rather groovy stuff, and we'd love to build something for you... We guarantee you satisfaction and top quality work, as you see in my pages, and invite you to explore the wonderful world of custom jewelry yourself! We are here to work with "you," and build to your specifications.

How to send something here to us? Call us at 1-800 224-8086...

First we want you to take everything to writing in the mail, and to clearly indicate with a enclosed note and in the mail both contact information as well as a recap of the project at hand. We require the clients to clearly define the projects, which we do so we make sure that what we build you is what you want, and that it meets your requirements, which is both logical and effective.

If you supply a gem stone or a part, anything at all for a job or for our consideration always indicate a "Customer's Value" so that we might check that when we process your request. We need this estimate of value or we must conclude that the value is less than $100, which we do not like to do. If there are any chips or any problems with anything you send these must be clearly listed and described., So to save time please inspect all and fully disclose both "client's value" and the condition of the item you send.

I highly recommend sending all item here via the US Registered mail, for FEDEX and other express services, while faster, all have less than desirable insurance options, so for both safety and for common sense please send all items to the address shown in this page. When we ship FEDEX or other carriers we have our own insurance policy, like a Lloyd's of London style policy. If you want the safest transport possible for your treasured items go the US Mail every time... I share my credentials and my history, my references and customer's comments... We're here for you, just give us a shout :)
Standard Stocked Web Cataloged Items
    We feature many super fine factory made items, high quality parts and items that we can order for you, and sell you at half of the going prices and manufacturer's suggested retail price. We fully warranty all products and services for one year too, so you have both quality and value, uncommon for the jewelry industry, yes? If you return a standard item you will be charged a 20% restocking fee. One of the ways that we can offer you these prices and options is by having a lower overhead, and stocking inventory someone ordered and returned circumvents this intent, so please be sure you want an item before you order it... An item never worn or sized may be entirely returnable and totally refundable. We'll gladly share the manufacturer's names and stock numbers with you for products shown, so you might see them locally and eliminate any doubts, so that you don't run added expense and steps... Your satisfaction is our goal, and our web pages are the result of our efforts to please. If an item is altered or modified to your specifications we must charge a restocking fee if returned, Please be sure you want what you order. Many catalog items are also nonreturnable, for example, platinum mountings built by our vendor by special request.

Celtic Bands and Patterned Wedding Bands
    For the designing of the etched bands (Celtic Band Styles) using customer's art I charge $150 minimum up front to work that art into the design for the rings, that includes modification of the existing designs. Regardless of your art, or my stock patterns, I make these to order, one at a time, and try to make them just the way you have asked, specifically made for you... . My stock patterns offer you all the quality and none of the design expense of custom design, but if it's custom then you can count on fine quality, I image these designs at high fez so they are crisp and delightful... Since most projects take a bit of time you may mail us a check, or wire transfer, to get the job underway... To start instantly you may use the credit card for the down payment...

    I make these to order, so the 20% restocking does not apply for Celtic or Photoetching items, we build these to order "one at a time" so please order only what you want, if a full bore custom using your art up to a 50% restocking fee might be charged, for we would scrap the ring rather than resell it, and the odds another would want exactly the same configuration is rather remote... Time is money, and I spend a tremendous amount of time and dollars casting, filing and finishing each piece to order. Don't want to slow you folks down, but I do want you to value my time, and my efforts so just know that "Celtics are Custom" even if a standard house design is used.

Special order work cost a great deal of time and materials to complete, so we want to take things in logically defined steps, like a wax approval stage, where the customer has actually seen the wax on the web, and given their approval to go to the next stage (metal)... By gaining this approval, and the authorization to proceed, we move to the next phase. Earnest money is required for everything past a basic estimate. We want you to be happy, so we make the effort. Some jobs are straight metal jobs, hand-built in the metal, those we'll move straight forward into the metal once the design has been agreed upon. If a special order job built to order it is not returnable. I can build anything you might want, just make sure that you want what you order please. Since I take the time to approve each step your satisfaction is better assured, and remember that Quality is the mission, not just fast... If we are not given the time to do things right, we will simply pass on the job... Period!

"Make dreams come true without the nightmare of retail prices!".