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Platinum Manufacturing Spoken Here!

Platinum is a fantastic metal to work in, you can obtain detail and dramatic setting looks which elude the best in gold... We've done much platinum work, casting an fabricating fine jewelry in platinum... It's a demanding metal and does not give the inexperienced or unskilled very much in the way of tolerance. Platinum is the most durable and eternal metal you can use in fine jewelry, long the choice for setting fine colored gems and diamonds...

The detail in platinum ( for example ) is amazing... look at the ring we just built for Eric, hand engraved with three perfectly matched "E-SI1" diamonds set into platinum basket crowns. Detail is what platinum is all about. . We love platinum!

..... The plates in the bracelet links are azured carefully in the reverse side to provide a fantastic "other beauty" to these bracelets... The side walls are deeply hand engraved, with a scroll fancy pattern to make these bracelets unique and extremely beautiful...

This bracelet project took 101 days to service, and involved casting many dozens of finely detailed platinum links... Most ring mountings can be constructed in three weeks or less, and of course the massively ornate will take a bit longer... We have decades of experience in platinum special order, so enjoy the quality first, then appreciate the prices... Ya know, once I decided not to continue to work for the trade, and direct my attention to helping "real people" things make alot more sense now. Here we can always concentrate of the best result, not corporate policy... We do not work that way here, you are the reason we are here!!!

For Ann Bodine it was a platinum home for this beautiful 2.02 carat fancy yellow radiant cut diamond she found in my diamond mines, so we combined it with two trillion diamonds of "D-VS" quality and designed this ring for her. Now the thing I want you to remember is that Ann was able to buy this beautiful 2 carat plus radiant cut, and the platinum mounting with perfectly matching trillions for "under ten thousand dollars"... Always compare prices and shop for quality! If I had to describe this ring I'd say that you first take a finely tuned platinum shank and a high quality crown for a world class result... Affordable and smart, and every bit the finest customer job at half the price!

I guess I also need to say that the world wide web is a close second love, because it gives this old war horse wholesale tradeshopper a chance to show what we have done, and continue to do after twenty years... The finest possible work, by the best possibly trained staff.. When you just purchased a quality item you love, look carefully inside and see if it has our "AJI" trademark stamp :) You'd be surprised at how many thousands of super fine products sport our logo stamp... And remember that even a very nice plain comfort-fit platinum band ring can be turned into a work of art, just like the one you see here heavily engraved for a truly unique look... The service to engrave this plain ring into this ring you see was but $250 for all the layout and engraving.

Now, then Todd Parsons saw this lovely band ring it gave him the idea to take a similar loose floral engraving to a lush comfort-fit tapered custom band for this lovely "G-VVS2" center classy diamond, creating a one of a kind treasure to last a lifetime and more... Heavy and lush, engraved in the classic traditional European hand engraving style by our master engraver... Well, to say that Todd got a killer ring fer under $7,000 I suppose should give you some ideas too, yes??? Built in one week, of the finest of materials... Designer quality without the snotty attitude or outrageous prices... Imagine that!!!!

Highly Ornate Engraved Classics Anyone?

Gil Sharon wanted basically the three stone graduated platinum mounting, but the darned thing only came as a blank in smaller stones sizes than Gil wanted. We designed a killer version of this (in platinum of course) for a half carat "E-VS1" and twin matched 0.30 carat diamonds, all with certificates of course... Came up too late fer shipping today, but I thought it would be fun to "drive 'em crazy" with the video-snap of this beautiful finished ring :) ....stinker, ain't I Gil?!? {Grin}... ...send chocolate... :) Note Gil was out of town for a while, so I heard nothing and got just a bit worried, but I got a call today saying that "the wife loves the ring massively" so I'll be moving this over to the referrals pages soon, evidence of another happy customer, yet another fine example of the web meeting our needs, and I invite you to explore these growing threads for the "perfect idea" for your wedding set.

Micheal Oertling

just had me build this lovely home for a fine diamond I found him, in a fine quality platinum mounting, trimmed with sapphire princesscut square cuts, for a classic look, and a timeless beauty. Does it get much better than this folks? I now build this "flavor" of mounting for 1/2, 1.00 carat and 1.5 carat sizes, with two princesscuts per side and with one per side.

I also build this ornate style for princesscuts, marquise and other shapes too, and remember that since we build custom that we can build something perfect for you. Substantial, very solid and built to last, as well as to be beautiful... While durability might not turn you on believe me you'll appreciate it later. We build things that last. Like the ring in platinum with matched 1/3 you see to the right.

Alfred Harding ring: Alfred trusted me to build his dream ring, he sent me a very cool image of a ring he would like to have us build... The asking price was over twice what we'd agreed on for this lovely project. We toyed with fabrication a while, but I want to see this with no seams and as a contagious casting... Dat way we could control the surfaces, and avoid all seams...

Alfred's lovely platinum ring was built around a impressive two carat diamond, trimmed with four large tapered baguettes, for a cool ornate and unusual look. Note the revision in the process to the "roman leaf" shank design that I engraved myself. See folks, it's not that I just sell quality products, "I make them!" The first step was to render the custom wax.. We inlayed the baguettes and got this perfect, just the way we wanted it so that the project had a quality start. The rough platinum casting looks like this. So here's the partially engraved ring looks great, but check out this completely re-Engraved "Sculptured" look I just did :) Roman "leaf" pattern gracefully over the side. The Finished Ring came out great!!!!! The ring shown to the right is a hand engraved platinum mounting with twin trillion emeralds, for a classic and beautiful look. We do ornate and classics, we can build anything you might want, for less than you might imagine! You can dream big here, you can afford it :)

I have begun to catalog here a fine collection of American made quality mountings here too, by a leading large scale manufacturer... You will find traditional platinum styles, eternity rings and other designer mountings trimmed with yellow gold for an accenting color. We've long appreciated these guys as a supplier so I've decided to offer this fine selection for your consideration... Lower cost, better quality... Imagine that!

I think one of the most interesting things going for this line is the outstanding selection of band rings, some trimmed with gold but all made nice and thick for a lasting troublefree mounting. Many times the "perfect wedding rings" have already been built, so look here to save time and to identify some really sharp wedding rings and Platinum beauties... So, when yer sick of retail high prices, bone headed salespeople who know less about jewelry than you do, call 1-800 224-8086... All the quality and attention to detail without the non-sense of retail. Imagine that! *Sorry this page took so long to load, but I have a story to tell which is best illustrated by these images.

Imagine that! Affordable High Quality Fine Platinum Jewelry...

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