Tradeshop Incorporated will protect it's trademarks and property

We obtained trademarks for our name, graphics, and working trade names such as "Digital Diamond Mine" and "Advance Digital Diamond Search Engine" We are incorporated in Oregon, and have internationally registed our tradenames and obtained trademarked status.

I authorize no re-prints, other than for personal use. To protect all trademarked elements and resources I shall use the total weight of all my resources to protect our good name, our graphics and unique identity. If you steal you will pay... "take that to the bank"...

If you wish to obtain permission to use graphics or distribute the pages you may write me and explain the purpose. I proudly post my references of a lifetime, my credentials and my history, and I take credit for what I do, and what I build. That includes unique graphics and other products of this site too. I've granted reprint permission to a national retail chain to use for in-store training. Just do not think you can simply cut and paste our elements into your production... No web re-prints will be authorized, save banners, reviews and with written permission.

I invite all surfers and vistors to inform me if you see any other site running my graphics. I'd be eternally grateful, for you see, I intend to make this site my life's work, and I also intend to strive to offer you more interesting graphics, products and policies and options than ever possible in the world.

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