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Search by Stock Number
Select your basic shape, criteria and Range.

Looking for a one carat round?

I'd recommend a range of say 0.90 - 1.10 Ct , and you'd get a list of a few hundred diamonds . You can also select the "AGS" lab box for just the finest ideal cuts on planet. Click an item on the list to produce a "Virt-Cert," summary laboratory report. Search a range for best results. Learn about diamond grading in my Four C's Page. OVER 40,000 Fine Diamonds await your review, the finest on this planet, without the overhead.. We also do special requests, so call now with that very special request!

Call "800 224-8086" to Reserve ASAP.

Call 1-800 224-8086 when you see your perfect diamond! We spend our time actually making sure you are happy, and that your diamond is perfect fit. Making sure it's your best choice is our first choice. If you understand this difference you will really like it here...

We offer a money back guarantee, 2% diamond buyer discount for cash or wire transfer, and a 7 day approval period to evaluate your new diamond and value. Boils down to "no risk and professional credentials." That translates to lower prices and a vastly better deal for you. We can do this, by lowering costs and cuting out the sales-clerks and retail garbage. A more effective way is born...

2% Discount for wire/cash.

We have a full money back guarantee / no risk policy for our clients. No added fees for credit cards, and we offer a 2% discount for diamond wire/cash diamond sales too. Money down will reserve a diamond for you as long as it takes you to do the business on that end. E-mail your reserve order with phone numbers, use the on-line mail form for confirmations and orders. For fastest service "Call when you see your perfect diamond!"

image We ship FEDEX insured overnight priority, which allows us to both ship inside the USA, and we ship internationally. You can even track yer package on-line! Once you recieve your diamond we encourage you to seek a local independant gemologist to verify the cert and diamond. We give you a week to do that. Your insurance company wiil require this anyway. Any refunds and returns are processed instantly, we work hard for our clients to help them get it rignt.

Total Customer Satisfaction is the mission!

Credentials, "not" marketing experts.... Oregon has "NO SALESTAX," and our personal attention and credeitnals makes us the safest place to buy on the web. Oh yeah, about that Customer Satisfaction thing??? We know you depend on us to help you "get it right". We love our vendors, but we evaluate every single diamond carefully, and we reject many as not good enough for our clients, and we do not ship what we feel you would not like. "We make sure your diamond is perfect, and you are extremely pleased!" We also have a "Low Price Guarantee". No "surcharges for using your credit card either"
Returns, Refunds and Customer Service

We fully guarantee all we sell, both for quality and for value. To learn more about any of the four-c's click that word description in the search engine form. Check out the In-The_House Ideal cut specials page too! To ask a few hundred past customers how they did is encouraged too,all clients referals are posted by their insistance... No premiums charged for ideal cuts!Special requests e-mail
Hearts & Arrow & non-branded AGS Triple Ideal Cuts???

"We got 'em..." ...and other equally cool fine diamonds at no premium what so ever!!!
Others will banter about a certian cutter or will form what can only be called alliances with one specific cutter, we however advocate that "Geometry and quality are not necessarily one single cutter's exclussive", although if you ask our worthy competition they will tell you otherwise {Grin}... "Guess who's recommended by Encyclopedia Britannica for gemology information?" {Grin again}... When you ask us about that fine diamond we are "always" going to advocate the best diamond at the lowest price, and not steer you one way or the other as far as "BRAND NAMES"... Branding cost "Huge Bucks!"... Guess who ultimately pays the freight??? We figure that you will take care of the romance part, we give you facts, wise council and superior offerings, without the hype and high prices. We also have a price match guarantee on the same diamond, so "ASK"...

Sound technical advise, fantastic inventory selections and a dedicated crew, and everyone is all about helping you find your "perfect diamond". Yes, we're not the slickest site you'll see today We are not pre-occupied with branded names, for they always come at a premium. We feature simply the finest in diamonds, at a very low price and with a much larger selection, so call with that very special request!

Policies are on-line too, your satisfaction is the focus here.