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Our Awards for the Web Page
These web pages are built and designed by me, for better and for worse. I think anyone who's watched these pages over time has seen they evolve very fast, nearly daily they change. They are working pages, and you have made them so. Master craftsmen we are, and dreams we build. Clerks we are "not"... Product knowledge separates us by a lightyear from the others, you'll enjoy the difference. Enjoy the site that is not banner ad driven, but rather "Client Referral Driven". These ad dollars did not buy folks, we do not try to "buy" your patronage, we "earn it right here"...

I've gotten a great many wonderful notices of awards on the web/internet and have gathered together the ones I was able to find for this page... I really am honored when visitors, and other sites, find favor with my pages, I guess these pages started because I craved the recognition long denied, when working behind the scenes to support resellers. Now I work for "you". It's really not for the honors or sales I do these pages folks, it's for your entertainment, enlightenment and amusement that I built this production. May you depart with knowledge and understanding, and "enjoy the heck out of your visit"... Enjoy! Ray


Jaclyn Easton is the host of "
Recent Segments:
Log on U.S.A.", a nationally syndicated Radio Show and a weekly contributor to the Los Angeles Times, Speaker on Internet Commerce Success, Web Site Revenue Strategy and Internet business reconnaissance, columnist for "E-Commerce, Yahoo Internet Life, Business Opinion, Ziff Davis' Internet Computing I am very proud to be featured in her latest book about dramatic success stories on the internet... You can also catch Jaclyn's CBS segments too...

Jaclyn Easton's segments are televised live every Tuesday and Thursday morning on the CBS 2 News in Los Angeles. Transcripts and links of selected segments can be found at her web site. A complete archive visit the Los Angeles Times Website or the CBS 2 Channel 2000 website.

Small Business Computing Magazine's best of the web!

We were selected as the "Fourth most Wired small business in America" by Small Business Computing Magazine, Currently at yer newstand... December 1999 issue, and the editor asked if it would be OK to do some photographs... {Grin}... My office looks like the F.A.O. Swartz in Las Vegas, a virtual toy store, so when the camera folks came they kept looking over at this elegant "Jester's Hat" that I got picked up on my vacation, for my corporate business meetings.

When the photographers saw that hat they kept hammering me to "Wear the hat Ray!" so after a day of very nice shots and some fun I did indeed grab that hat and the rest is history. I got this hat to remind myself that it is the customers who are important, and not us... We are professionals and vastly more experienced than others, but that aside we want to make sure that here we do not take ourselves too seriously, and become intoxicated with the praise and activity. I want this to be where "real people" meet, and if we were not real people it would defeat this processe... This is the reason I did not take the company public, and bring in investors... I want my business to "Have a soul" and I want the guiding reason we are here to always be about the people, and not corporate investor's returns or IPO's... I'm not a quick cash guy... Hit the page preview to see most of the article, and of course do buy the December 99 issue of Small Business Computing of course too!!!

PS, I think for any business it is not a bad idea to have a similar "hat" to wear, to remind yourself that life and business should be a joy, and that fun should be had at all times for both quality of life, and quality of your service.
Shopping on the Internet, and Beyond
(Coralis Group Publication) featured our site as follows, here's a snip...

    "Tradeshop might be one of the best commercial sites on the web. There isn't a jewelry desire or need that this company cannot fulfill... They offer everything from fine jewelry to diamonds (rock only or set), custom pieces, special orders, remounts and stone setting-all at enormous savings-plus plenty of information on jewelry buying, manufacturing, grading and other useful facts. ...and there's something for everyone's budget." Jaclyn Easton

So I have to say as commentary, now that I have been "forced" by my increasing customer volume, to form "Tradeshop Incorporated" to keep up with the demand, I must say a heartfelt "thank you Jaclyn!" I guess when I read your lovely article in this nationally/internationally sold book I started to realize what this all means... It's when I started to see that "Knowledge is Power." The web and internet allow quality communication beyond imagination. It's clarity, and power to convey is seriously amazing! I think the future is blindingly bright for business's founded on common sense, plain talk and honest value.
Internet Business Magazine's November Issue!
In the November issue of this magazine we were written up in a review, and the title of the article is "The Crown Jewel of the Internet"... Shameless though I am I am stunned and delighted with the recognition and the notice. It's on of the my finest hours indeed, as both the awareness of our business, and creativity in jewelry grow and flourish... While the business good, and the job is fun, we also want you to know that we clearly are here to please you, which is why we work so hard. Our customers are the reason we come downtown, not just to make the sale, but to make dreams come true...

You have, the visitors and public, made my dreams come true, so it's only fair, right?!? I work for the greatest folks in the world not, real people just like you, and that eliminates both the markups of the middlemen, as well as shortens the distance of information, you'd be suprised at how often the sales-clerks got it wrong...
Subject: Gemkey Award
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 14:06:55 +0700

8 December 99

Dear Sirs:

Congratulations, you have received GemKey Magazine's "Best of the Web" Award for your excellent Diamond Retail website.

The award was given based on a combination of design aspects and usability. Your company's website scored high in these categories and was published in our magazine to serve as a reference guide to trade websites that are in a class of their own or a leading industry websites.

Attached is a JPG file with the award logo for this category. Please feel free to display it on your website to let visitors know that you have received an industry-related website design award from the global trade's premier Internet magazine.

We hope this award helps to not only bring an increased number of visitors to your website, but also recognizes the effort made to create a superior website.

Warm regards,

Russell Shor,
Editor-in-chief, GemKey Magazine
Comment by Ray: "I must say that I am very pleased that the industry has taken notice of what we do here, I think any craftsman loves the attention of their peers. I think that this award for the best in 1999 has touched my heart, and I thank Gemkey Magazine for this praise and notice!
Subject: Congratulations -- you've been selected!
From: " Best of Web Award Committee"

Congratulations! The editors of the network have chosen your site as one of the best of the web within your category. We believe that your site provides great value to our 4anything users! Hopefully, our link to your site is driving valuable traffic. provides listings of the best that the Internet offers on any topic. With a category listing and a keyword search on the home page, users can directly locate information and businesses related to any topic of interest. More importantly, users can quickly access the very best web sites, like yours, instead of slogging through thousands of unqualified links only marginally related to a given topic. Our editors prioritize the most useful and relevant web sites, constantly refreshing their selections. As a result, users get fresh, relevant information on the first page of search results.

We encourage you to place this award on your site which links back to Follow the easy instructions below on how to download this file and don't hesitate to contact us at if you run into problems. Congratulations again! We wish you continued success.

The Editors at
From: Katrina Kimport
To: ""
Subject: Ask Jeeves Silver Platter Award
Silver Platter Site Award

I am pleased to inform you that your site has been selected as an Ask Jeeves Silver Platter Site.

Ask Jeeves ( is the Internet's premiere question answering service. Each day Jeeves answers millions of questions ranging from "What's on TV tonight?" to "Does IE 5.0 support cascading style sheets?" Our mission is to help Internet users find answers to their questions quickly and easily. If you haven't already, visit our website and ask Jeeves a question.

My team is continually researching websites to find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Only sites that meet stringent criteria are selected to be answers in the Jeeves Knowledgebase. These sites are known as the "Ask Jeeves Silver Platter Sites". For more information on our editorial criteria, please see

To indicate that your site meets the Ask Jeeves selection criteria, we have developed a Silver Platter Award link. If you are interested in adding it to your site, please email me back and I will forward the graphic and link to you immediately.

NetGuide Magazine's review of my site leaves me speechless... So much so that I will just say "thank you so very much" and little more. I think anyone who owns a business, and works hard, really wants to be recognized for the efforts and the work. I write these pages, so for good or for bad they reflect what I feel and what I can do... Honors such as these make the long hours of doing the pages and building the jewelry possible, and the lovely letters I get from my clients.

My new corporation will bring affordable quality to the "real people"... To the NetGuide people I say "thank you from the bottom of my heart folks".
...and I'm so pleased you do not discount heavily for spelling...{Grin}... I take the awards very seriously, for I think that the unbiased reviews and the objective stories are one thing which money cannot buy. The charm of the internet for me is that it's the size of your ideas and imagination which count here, not the size of your wallet. These are all treasures to be, like diamonds in my safe... ...but there's on thing I treasure even more, and that his my web client's referrals.
For the Gemology Pages awards just keep on coming...
John Miller's technical compendium is a world class resource for both professional and novice alike. The amount ot technical reference material is astounding, a compendium that covers nearly all gemstones, both more common and rare... Specific gravity, refractive index, chemical composition, it's all there.... I'm very proud to work with John on the web, and we both agree that the more you know about anything the better... Ray Britannica Internet Guide
Gemology is well covered in the Tradeshop Gemology pages, authored by my friend John Miller. We seek to provide you information you can really use, without the halogen lights and the focus on sales. Technical information you can use to understand the properties of most gem stones on planet earth. Knowledge is Power, we make you more powerful!
Apple Computer's got a vision...
To feature small business's with less than 20 employees who are successful and use Macintosh computers for their business needs, well I suppose that there is hardly a better fit actually since I've used Apple products since my wicked fast machine was an Apple II Plus with a Juki daisy wheel printer... Now we're running a Microwave dish on the roof for 300K+ access, and we're about 12 fast workstations, all T-100 to the dish. Be carefull with this movie clip it's 8 megs!

I hosted the video production team from San Francisco for a day, while they shot footage for upcoming Apple Promotions. If you attended Internet World and saw the Keynote address by the Apple ceo you might have seen the video, it was used to highlight that keynote address! Now I use my 9600/350Mhz machine with 448Megs of Ram for photoshop stuff, with 12 gigs of storage and this power there is nothing I can't do on the computer now. Gary has a lovely G3 Apple for A/V work, and a new G3 for video. This is probably a bad idea to pre-release this information, but we hope to work with Apple to highlight the tremendous power for good the personal computer represents... Here's their latest note :)

Subject: Re: I think you qualify

Dear Ray,

Thanks for sending me the information that I requested for the Apple success story. I will be reviewing your story with Apple this week and will let you know how they want to proceed.

Best regards, Marcella

Marcella Wucher
Big Sky Communications
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997
From: Elizabeth ClearyMIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Discovery Online Connection

Dear Webmaster,

I am writing on behalf of Discovery Communications, Inc., parent company of Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel. In the summer of 1995, Discovery launched Discovery Channel Online, a World Wide Web site that extends the real world entertainment of its cable programming to cyberspace.

We actively seek links to high-quality sites like yours that feature content related to subjects on our site. We would like to link to your site through History Connections--related to James Burke's program "Connections." As part of History Connections, we have created a contest called "Webweaving" in which we provide clues for users to make the "connection."

Your page contains material relevant to the connection, and we plan to link to your site throughout the fourth month (January) of our contest. The contest will then be archived for a year.

The page we are linking to is located at:

There is the potential for hundreds of users to attempt to access your site through these links. Please let us know at your soonest convenience whether this extra traffic will present any technical problems for your server.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Elizabeth Cleary
Discovery Channel Online Consultant

Bell Atlantic's Internet Business Solutions also sent me a very very nice notice as well!!! Why here it is now :)

From: Webmaster
Subject: Webkeeper Notification


Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions has identified your site to be included within its Internet Access Service as a "best of the net" site. The service provides a graphical user interface which enables the customer to intuitively navigate an index of "the best of the net" websites. We plan to point users to your site via HTML links from within our service.
Your site has been accepted to DELTA COOL SITES.
It has met with our COOL Site standards of being:
1) graphically pleasing
2) having good content
3) allowing ease of navigation.
Delta selected our pages as a "Cool Site" so I thought I'd take the time to thank them here. I really appreciated their kind words when they contacted me. I work very hard to make these pages more than another "sell site" by providing common sense information that one can use remotely or locally to gain a great value on either a diamond or jewelry item...

Dear Web Author ,
We from Nicecom Promotions have the pleasure to announce that your Web page has been selected as an interesting site, and consequently has earned a link from our directory "Nicelinks" "", section "Wedding".

You are now entitled to use the award icon on your page. It's attached on this message. The HTML code to display the icon is the following: If you store the image in a different directory, don't forget to include the path.The icon and the HTML code can also be found at: "" If you have problems setting the icon on your page, feel free to reply to this message and ask for help. Congratulations for making the WEB a nicer place. Nicecom Staff
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 97 00:30:18 EST
Subject: Congratulations!!!
X-PMFLAGS: 28935713 1
Comments: Authenticated sender is


Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD." (As mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.)

The award icon can be downloaded at:

Our award seal is trademarked and may be placed anywhere in your web site, provided you place a link from the icon to:

For more info, visit:

The Web Select Team
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 18:17:04 -0700
From: Dennis Eskow
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Datamation 100

As editor in chief of Datamation, I am preparing an entirely new feature series that features the 100 best businesses (in revenues) that make more than 25 percent of their revenue on the Internet. If your site is featured, we will do a story in the magazine and put a chart on the web which includes a link to your site. You will be able to use our award emblem at your site.

All the best,
Dennis Eskow
Datamation Magazine

Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 20:36:29 +1000
From: Kostas Metaxas

Just a quick note to advise you that your site has been listed in our VIVE LA VIE "BEST OF THE BEST" links on the WWW.

You will find this in our 'ARCHIVES' section, although our 'AWARD SITES OF THE MONTH' are in the 'Regular Departments' section of our Contents page.

I would appreciate it greatly if you could email me a short description in your own words so that I may include this beside your entry. If you have trouble finding your entry, please let me know, and I will give you its exact address.

Also, we have finally installed the "WORLD OF VIVE" where you can add your Press Releases, new product information, exhibition information, or any other news about your site or product. Simply go to the 'Contents' under 'Regular Departments' and follow the directions. As a courtesy to other participants, I would appreciate it greatly if you could keep your notices brief (about 25 -50 words) and include your WWW address and email details.

If you would like to FAX your releases to our offices for us to edit and add to the list on your behalf, please fax us at: New York USA: 1-212-504-7983

And finally, the 'Vive Best of the Best MARKETPLACE' is now online, and you can browse to buy or list any of the following to sell to our over 10,000 browsers per month. Anything to do with Antiques, Watches,Jewellery, Pens, Real Estate, exotic cars, Resorts, Luxury Business opportunities, Jets, Boats, Holiday resorts and others is welcomed.

If you have any questions with regards to how you can participate in VIVE on the WWW, please do not hesitate to email me at your convenience.

Kostas Metaxas

I also was selected by the Award Committee at FunGuide Awards for having a fun family site, guess they don't discount for spelling {Grin}... Very honored and very pleased once again... Here's a review :)

From: (FunGuide Award Committee)
Subject: Congratulations!!


Dear Web Author ,
We from Nicecom Promotions have the pleasure to announce that your Web page has been selected as an interesting site, and consequently has earned a link from our directory "Nicelinks" "", section "Wedding".

Congratulations for making the WEB a nicer place.

Nicecom Staff

Ps: Nicelinks is a totally FREE service from Nicecom Promotions.
While flattered by these awards and honorable mentions these pages were always about jewelry, common sense and a bit of fun. I'm an information junkie, and it seems to serve me well on the web pages. I'd like to thank every visitor who has said "Great pages" for it's you who keep me questing after better pages and information. My desire is to make these pages meet your needs, so let me know if you see a way they can be improved. I write these myself, with no help, so I appreciate all tips, hints and swift kicks which improve either the pages or myself... No cheap shots about spelling, OK? {Grin}...