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The Idea Factory!!!

I have had great fun over the years building and servicing fine jewelry. Owning a union pro shop since 1974 I know there's one golden rule for sure in jewelry. ...something built right is a pleasure, something built poorly is a curse! I decided to explore some ideas which can help you "see" how you turn a great idea into fine jewelry, this page will explore a few projects to give you a framework. Ideas which you can use to "visualize" your project, to expand your options and possibilities.

First for your consideration I offer a thread about re-manufacturing something the customer has, in some cases a total remake in the flavor of the original is in order, note with this example the thin hollow original had just "worn out"... So we made a better, more detailed ring in the spirit of the original, much more solid and sensable than throwing money at something just flat dead...

At times it's a bit more easy to see why a new ring is the way to go, this second example is a ring which is channelset, but it was made so thin the stones (after just a bit of wear) started coming thru the thin sides! A side by side shot tells volumes about what we built, and what the customer started with too. Turned slightly for a better look, you can see the new ring is 1000% better than the original, and another happy web customer resulted! It was a great idea which the factory just shaved in weight and quality until the ring was junk... But now there's one out there that is "just right!"

Sometimes it's not the remaking that is "the thing" but rather it's the adding on to an existing ring for the very best effect, and that is something we can do quite nicely for you by the way. Imagine a ring that the customer loves, but they always wanted a wider and more dramatic ring... "No problemo," Here's the custom wax, on the drawing and job envelope for your consideration, and here's a closer zoom-in look to ponder... If you are wondering what the finished set looked like wonder no longer folks... Here's a good case for Associate Jewelers, not just for off the rack stuff, but rather to make your dreams come true...

Imagine how happy our customer was to find that we dould indeed make finely crafted wedding rings for the engagement ring she had made. A very nice mounting to be sure, but she really wanted a trio set of rings from the start. A side view shows a bit more detail about the gallery and how faithfully we reproduced the "flavor of the mounting"... ...and of course I'm not going to resist the temptation to show a Top down view so you can see just how good we really are :) Here's a Zoom-In View at a slight off angle, just to let you see, best I can, the definition and attention to detail we are known for here...
Platinum Fine Manufacturing

We were known in the industry for fine manufacturing, and the good news is that we also work in platinum "big time"... Oh yeawh, now we work direct too... "Nice, huh?!?" In this thread I'll start with a princesscut center stone, framed with trillions in a Massively Cool Ring! To get an even better idea of what I mean here's a Top Down View so you can really get the idea. I really like quality jewelry built to last, so here's a lovely side view where you can see the generous weight and supple shank of the mounting. Quality you can actually see! This side view is to show the strength and engineering of the mounting, and the cool gallery work on the sides. Elegant and simple, but we can also do some Elaborate and highly ornate mountings too, but the point of this page is that "We can build anything" so you'll see many different flavors and threads here...

One of the funnest things about platinum is that you can Do fantastically detailed work to obtain the most amazing results... Here's a case where a web customer wanted something "Killer" like a ring he saw, but one which was priced like a german sports car! Needless to say, we made this ring both affordably (less than $2,000) and more elaborately detailed by far than the original, so how is it that we can build a better mounting for about half the price you ask??? Fair question, but first take a peek at the zoom-in close up side view, Detailed seriously for the platinum lover here folks. And for a totally complete understanding of this cool ring, here's a perspective view of the side for review, and a very nice composite of two different views I love so you can clearly see we are the place to call for custom order, at affordable prices!!!

Imagine that!

Mixed Metals /Two Tone/Platinum & 18Kt Manufacturing

This is a really fun effect, and like the highly ornate ring above this ring we just made for a web customer is white and yellow 18Kt. We first did a sketch to clarify the process, but I can't always do sketches folks :) ...anyway, Next I show a pannel of different views of this interesting set, note that "half of each ring is white, and the other half is yellow18Kt gold!" I tried to show a few Extreme Close-Ups to highlight the process, here's the two castings on the trees... "Mike should love this sort of Soni-gram of his rings, during the early stages :) A closer view of the blank assembled mountings before we assembled the crown section is also pictured, for a multiple stage, from the sketch to the finished rings for your consideration.
Knowledge is Power, be more Powerful!

Here's an exciting sort of Diamond band Ring at a huge size to feature our setting and shop's abilities. Note that the stones are all well covered and that the ring is designed to last by being both substantial as well as beautiful. A gent's lasting tribute to quality and taste, this very interesting ring was made for a person who wanted "first class"... It's really a joy for me to share this with all of you, the products of our judgement and professional shop... We really enjoy quality projects and fine manufacturing, when you build and service you see the industry from an entirely different perspective.

Wax Carving and Custom Special Order

Is what we are known in the industry for, attention to detail and finely crafted custome has been our hallmark for over two decades. Carving a Custom Wax is the first stage of most special order jobs. We have the best wax-carver artist I've ever had the pleasure or working with, we do some great work here! The rough castings are fun to show, ugly little suckers they are, but soon they are transformed into Finely Crafted Products ... For a completely nice view of this entire project I have a page on this job which tracks it nicely!

Sculptured Lifelike Jewelry

We often have jobs sent here which are somewhere between Art and Sculpture where we get a chance to show what we can do in unusual ways. So, as the background is lowered the design starts to become three-D very nicely. Once the background is dropped the high spots are rounded and sculptured for the realistic effect desired. Remember folks, this is from a photograph too!!! As the wax is finely detailed we start to see what is going to be a fantastic piece, not just engraved on the surface but Sculptured for Dramatic Effect!
So, when you think special order custom design remember what you saw here today!
In Loving Memory

We just had a job in which broke my heart, this family just lost their child to cancer, and wanted a series of rememberace jewelry done for the immediate family. We did a series of pieces with this hand engraving taken from the photo you see, for touching reminders of their short time together... Jewelry has always been a special thing for me, about tokens of love and symbols of events, and while tragic I think this page is about ideas and possibilities, so I needed to share this thread.
Well folks, this is one day's work, besides doing about forty other things, and I hope that you enjoy this continuing thread of the "Idea Factory" page... I'll try to break out the best of the best for this page, and give you great ideas to consider... Enjoy my efforts folks :) ...and the efforts of the very gifted people who I have the opportunity to work with daily, for without them these pages would not exist.