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Any person you speak with here is an owner, not an employee. Duane & Beth answer the great majority of the phone calls, and answer all of the emails. For basic questions a phone call on our toll free number 1-800-224-8086 is quick & easy, for bids on custom jewelry or to give details about involved projects, an email is much easier for us, as we have all your details and contact information to refer back to. We are typically open 9AM until 5PM Monday-Friday, and most Saturdays 10AM untill 3PM (During the holiday season we will be open every Saturday until New Years)
E-Mail: Web master
image If you see any database or code errors please send out a fast note to this address, we appreciate any pointers. These pages are hand written and while there are no slick JAVA wizbangs and rollovers we figure that you want honest value and common sense more, so we focus on that, to better serve you. Let me know how we're doing? The mission is to effectively serve your needs. What would you like to see? Mail me anytime "No spelling cracks!"
E-Mail: Duane
image Duane has been in the diamond & jewelry business for 25 years. He's never here early, but you can often catch him after business hours. (Rock and roll drummers keep odd hours) This is not our job, this is our life. We take great pride in our work, and want every customer we meet to be completely satisfied with their purchase.
E-Mail: Beth
Beth is Rodney's daughter, she grew up in the business and has worked full time for one of the family's six jewlery & coin businesses for the past 15 years. She can answer any questions you have about any aspect of the business. This is not our job, this is our life. We take great pride in our work, and want every customer we meet to be completely satisfied with their purchase.
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We all work here to make your dreams come true, We have a staff of professionals here (no sales-clerks) who are on salary, their job is to help you solely. All of us are knowledgeaable about every product we make or sell,
On-line E-Order Page
Use this form to send us requests for custom order bids (remember finger sizes, metal and full descriptions please) and to request a diamond be held for you... This allows me to reserve a diamond for you, since I list over 16,000 fine diamonds and sell many daily it helps to make sure you do this early once you find the diamond of your dreams... I will set aside a diamond for 24 hours while you arrange payment and stuff... ..but call early and be safe...

image For custom work it is important to remember "we do not do instant estimates... We want all the information and the idea clarified before we proceed, even with a tenative bid. We pride ourselves on cost effective and high quality, and we set the stage right from the beginning for that result... If a project is not well defined we can help, but before we can do much we need definition and information, a drawing or picture to clarify the idea helps greatly too!!! The on-line page opens a second window in your browser so you can refer to the other window for details.
image Why use the Encrypted Secure Server on-line e-mail form???
First, it prioritizes your mail, and flags your request for immediate attention, which on a fine diamond might mean us being able to reserve it before it is sold. Although we list 16,000 plus fine diamonds things move fast here so to make sure that the "perfect diamond" you have selected is reserved contact me early... Your order confirmation e-mail or using the on-line form pushes your request into the front of the requests... We average over 30,000-100,000 hits a day here, so you can see why this is important, we want to give you the best service we can... We will set aside a diamond for 24 hours (no obligation) on your request... image
Using the Diamond Search Engine

You will find this form deceivingly simple looking, but it refreshs data twice daily, and offers you the finest selection of diamonds on planet, and allows search criteria so you are not fatigued by sifting thru things you are not interested in... Just set the shape cut you wish (one round cuts you may select the "AGS" box to see only those diamonds within a very tight range for ideal cut round diamonds... We also have no sales tax, and we fully guarrantee you complete satisfaction too!!! Full money back guarrantee by the way {Grin}... You can use the "Ideal checkbox"